Thursday, November 25, 2010

Snapshots of Life

I am pretty sure I didn't figure out this linky thing; however, I am trying to link up the "Snapshots of Life." Today the time chosen was 4 pm.

Here is my snapshot:
-My HUGE family (40 + of us) rent a bible camp for the weekend
-Kara and Andy moved to Idaho and couldn't get off work (VERY DEPRESSING!)
-We decided to make a flat Kara and flat Andy (can you tell lots of us are teachers?!?) so they could spend some quality time with us this weekend.

It's from my phone so the quality is pretty poor.  There will be a new post tomorrow on our "Thankful Tablecloth."  Tune in!!  

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Darn snow.

Since we're gearing up for another blizzard I thought I'd post an old picture.  It was taken with my Canon point and shoot last year on my way home for Thanksgiving.  Once I got 60 miles out of Bismarck there was frost on the all the trees and I kept waiting for a tree close to the road so I could stop (crazed I know...).  Well I finally found this one---at the Jamestown Cemetery!
Pray for nice weather tomorrow so I can make it home :)  

Monday, November 22, 2010

I think I need a headband (or two or three)...

Here are the following headbands I am pretty sure I need.  Along with the headbands I need some cute newborns to photograph!!

Which are your favorite?

Small Coral One

Small Fuchsia One

Red One

Medium Fuchsia One

Vintage Headband

Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am, I think, I know

I borrowed this from a friend.  Feel free to kill some time and borrow it too :)  

I am: wishing it wouldn't get dark so early. 
I think: I should be at school correcting papers.  
I know: I can make it through this short week of school.
I want: to go to Hawaii!  
I have: a twitch in my eye that I've had for at least a month.  
I dislike: when 10 year olds whine. 
I miss: days in college when you either wouldn't have class or you would only have one class a day.  
I fear: choking while driving.  
I feel: SO happy that I get to see my extended family and immediate family on Thursday!! 
I hear: the music awards...which is not as exciting as my usual Sunday night ABC programing :)  
I smell: chocolate cake that I made for Lyn's Birthday.  
I crave: another piece of chocolate cake.  
I search: for my debit card, keys, chapstick, etc. in my bottomless purse.  
I wonder: how early I should go to school tomorrow to correct those papers I'm not getting to...
I regret: a few things. 
I love: sun.   Feeling the warmth of it.  
I care: about my friends and family.
I am always: checking my phone.  It's a BAD addiction.  
I worry: about everything.  Also a BAD addiction. 
I remember: not enough...I have a fairly poor memory.  Thank heavens for photographs! 
I have: a brand new camera that I am lovin'!!  
I dance: usually only at bars and usually only when I've had at least one drink.  Unless you're swing dancin' then I am ALL about it!!  
I sing: in my car.  
I don’t always: wear matching socks.  
I argue: too much for my own good.  
I write: texts, emails, letters, and journal entries.  I still LOVE to send a good 'ol letter.  
I lose: my mind?!?  haha...I thought we already had this one. I lose things in my purse.  
I wish: that I could get myself to workout.  
I listen: to all sorts of things:  students, family, friends, tv, etc.  
I don't understand: a certain person's recent decision. 
I can usually be found: oh, who knows!  I'm all over the place!  
I am scared: of getting cancer.  
I need: to correct those papers like I mentioned previously...also to workout which I mentioned previously, neither of which is happening because of this survey.  
I forget: what person I've told my story to.  
I am happy: that it almost Thanksgiving!!  I have SO much to be Thankful for!  

Wind follows me

 wherever I go!  Despite the windy weather (typically for ND!) I managed to get some wonderful pictures of this family.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Lovely family...

 Last fall I was in a "super" daze with it being my first year of teaching.  This year I started to stop and smell the roses and couldn't believe how beautiful Mandan/Bismarck is.  The river and colors were phenomenal.   These were taken at the tail end of fall down by the Missouri.

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