Sunday, November 21, 2010

I am, I think, I know

I borrowed this from a friend.  Feel free to kill some time and borrow it too :)  

I am: wishing it wouldn't get dark so early. 
I think: I should be at school correcting papers.  
I know: I can make it through this short week of school.
I want: to go to Hawaii!  
I have: a twitch in my eye that I've had for at least a month.  
I dislike: when 10 year olds whine. 
I miss: days in college when you either wouldn't have class or you would only have one class a day.  
I fear: choking while driving.  
I feel: SO happy that I get to see my extended family and immediate family on Thursday!! 
I hear: the music awards...which is not as exciting as my usual Sunday night ABC programing :)  
I smell: chocolate cake that I made for Lyn's Birthday.  
I crave: another piece of chocolate cake.  
I search: for my debit card, keys, chapstick, etc. in my bottomless purse.  
I wonder: how early I should go to school tomorrow to correct those papers I'm not getting to...
I regret: a few things. 
I love: sun.   Feeling the warmth of it.  
I care: about my friends and family.
I am always: checking my phone.  It's a BAD addiction.  
I worry: about everything.  Also a BAD addiction. 
I remember: not enough...I have a fairly poor memory.  Thank heavens for photographs! 
I have: a brand new camera that I am lovin'!!  
I dance: usually only at bars and usually only when I've had at least one drink.  Unless you're swing dancin' then I am ALL about it!!  
I sing: in my car.  
I don’t always: wear matching socks.  
I argue: too much for my own good.  
I write: texts, emails, letters, and journal entries.  I still LOVE to send a good 'ol letter.  
I lose: my mind?!?  haha...I thought we already had this one. I lose things in my purse.  
I wish: that I could get myself to workout.  
I listen: to all sorts of things:  students, family, friends, tv, etc.  
I don't understand: a certain person's recent decision. 
I can usually be found: oh, who knows!  I'm all over the place!  
I am scared: of getting cancer.  
I need: to correct those papers like I mentioned previously...also to workout which I mentioned previously, neither of which is happening because of this survey.  
I forget: what person I've told my story to.  
I am happy: that it almost Thanksgiving!!  I have SO much to be Thankful for!  

1 comment:

  1. Choking while driving? That's hilarious!! It would never occur to me. Great now I have something new to worry about. :)


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