Sunday, February 27, 2011

They are ALL God's Children

They are ALL God's children---every single one of them, and now the Husons have helped bring one more the shelter, love, and care they deserve.  Check out All God's Children  to see how you can help impact the lives of the world's orphans.  Check out the pictures below.  You can truly see the joy in their faces!

She was so nervous!  Pacing back and forth and twisting her hair :)  

Getting anxious!

Proud siblings

These are out of order, but this should
 be the first one :)

Tired and ready to go home!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

Things I love... (#4)

Sunrises. All of them.  This one happened to be on the ocean in Catalina, an island off the coast of California.  I was only used to seeing sunrises on special occasions, until I got a big-girl job.  Now I time my mornings so I can see them on the way to work.   This sometimes backfires in the winter, as it rises quite late, making my before-school work time decrease.  Totally worth it though :) 

Friday, February 11, 2011

I love.... (#3)

Campfires!   Normally, I wouldn't be caught dead eating a hot dog.  I've heard rumors that they are all the "parts that are scraped up off the floor;" but, there is something about the smokey taste of campfire grilled food that I can't get enough of!

What's your favorite campfire food?   Mine is a tie....cheesy hotdogs with arizona heat sauce and roasted marshmallows smushed between two fudge striped cookies and a smear of peanut butter!!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Things I love...(#2)

I love spring.  There is something about new things growing that just energizes a person.  These pictures were taken last Easter and we went on a search for Crocuses.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I love....(#1)

In the spirit of Valentine's Day (which, just for the record, I think is a total Hallmark holiday), I decided to post the things I love during February.  Yes, I know I'm 8 days late.  In case you forgot, I'm a teacher, so most days getting time to go to the bathroom is a huge plus :)  

The first thing I love is:  Famous Landmarks.   I'm a sucker for anything famous relating to nature.  If you ask Patrick how many times I've made him stop for a "nature marker" on road trips, he'll tell you it's too many times to count.  

Why I love them:  They're astounding---something to literally take your breath away.  Also, I always think of the poor explorer who discovered it.  I mean, take the Grand Canyon for example. You're walking along, riding a horse if you're lucky, and BAM!  Can you just picture their faces?!?  Another great example of this is the "City of Rocks" in Deming, NM.  Some southwest nomad is walking through the desert when BAM!  A pile of rocks larger than a city...  

Friday, February 4, 2011

Decorate Your Life

As I splurged on my Friday chocolate I was rewarded with this awesome message.  

How have you decorated your life? 


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

100 days of School!

100 days of school!  YAHOOO!!  I started compiling some ideas here (only because everything I put on my desk gets legs and walks off).  Leave me your ideas in the comments section!!  Then I can repost this next year so we can work smarter, not harder :)

-Cut words out of newspapers, put on tagboard labeled 100 nouns, 100 verbs, and 100 adjectives

-Give groups of students a letter of the alphabet, have them try to come up 100 words that start with that letter

-Give groups of students a category (ex: things that are cold), have them try to come up with 100 words that fit that category 

-Run 100 laps (just kidding...)

-Bring in 100 cans of food for the food pantry

-Make 100 cards and send them to local hospitals and nursing homes 

-100 acts of kindness 

-Percents (hopefully they all get 100%!)
-Find 100 ways to make change for $100 

Alright, time to leave me your ideas!!  

From Drop Box

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

To radiate warmth...

 When it is -22 BEFORE windchill, I have zero motivation to do anything let alone photograph. (Hence, why this is from my cellphone!)   As inspiration, AND because we actually did see the sun today (just couldn't feel it!) here are some pictures I dug out to hopefully radiate warmth into your day. 

If you're not in one of the states experiencing this storm, then say a little ''thank-you" prayer to the big guy upstairs :)

From Drop Box
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