Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Things I love....(#1)

In the spirit of Valentine's Day (which, just for the record, I think is a total Hallmark holiday), I decided to post the things I love during February.  Yes, I know I'm 8 days late.  In case you forgot, I'm a teacher, so most days getting time to go to the bathroom is a huge plus :)  

The first thing I love is:  Famous Landmarks.   I'm a sucker for anything famous relating to nature.  If you ask Patrick how many times I've made him stop for a "nature marker" on road trips, he'll tell you it's too many times to count.  

Why I love them:  They're astounding---something to literally take your breath away.  Also, I always think of the poor explorer who discovered it.  I mean, take the Grand Canyon for example. You're walking along, riding a horse if you're lucky, and BAM!  Can you just picture their faces?!?  Another great example of this is the "City of Rocks" in Deming, NM.  Some southwest nomad is walking through the desert when BAM!  A pile of rocks larger than a city...  

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