Tuesday, April 10, 2012

52 on Friday: Metal

Yes, I realize this is almost half a week late; however, I haven't had a computer with editing software.  I finally downloaded picasa on my work computer and used that.  In case you ever need to convert RAW files in a pinch, it worked semi-decent.  Anyway, for my take on metal I decided to implement the good 'ol metal spoon with dying Easter Eggs.  Techincally it's the first time she remembers dying eggs since she was only 2 last year.  She was SO amazed!  Favorite phrases of the day:  "Oh my gosh guys!" "Oh. My. GOSH!"  "It's beautiful!"  The best part was that she dyed eggs four times (that I know of) and everytime she had the same reaction!!

I was too late to enter the blog circle, but if you'd like to start at the top, check out http://www.jennduguayphotography.com/


  1. love the expression here, priceless!!

  2. Here expression here is totally awesome, love it!

  3. That is precious! What a fun memory, love the quotes. :)


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