Thursday, August 2, 2012

52 on Fridays: Symmetry

I was totally stuck between two pictures this week and they are both very different.  Immediately when I heard symmetry I thought of flowers.  Unfortunately, it's been hotter than a pistol here and the only flowers I haven't killed are my violets.  Then, on my way inside our door caught my eye.  It's pretty much the fanciest thing in this fixer-upper of ours :) Next, check out the talented Robin Moore.    

Also, on a totally unrelated note, I was working on getting things ready for my upcoming school year, and one of the things I worked on was coming up with a better way to teach my students rotational symmetry.  I swear the only symmetry I learned in school was the lesson with the dotted lines (how many ways could you fold it?!?)....  


  1. How pretty, I too immediately thought of flowers! I love that last it of a piece of glass? It's very neat, I bet you have lots of great little gems like that hiding around your home.

  2. It's actually our door! It's about the only little gem in our house though :) It's a huge fixer-upper and they did the strangest things (like put in a super nice door...)

  3. What a beautiful flower! Love the deep purple!

  4. both shots fit the bill... nice job emily!


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