Thursday, December 2, 2010

The only bad part about North Dakota

7am---leaving my house
is the lack of sunshine during the winter.  Today I am linking up with Snapshots of Life over at the eighteen25 blog.  The snapshot time was 7am. I'm sad to say in North Dakota is it not light when I go to work and it is already dark when I come home.  Now, don't get me wrong, I LOVE snow and winter.  Notice the title of the post is the ONLY bad part :)    Snow means snow forts, snow ball fights, sledding, snowmobiling, and wearing cute hats and scarfs!! 

On a totally different note, I also attached some pictures of summer in North Dakota, so you don't get a bad impression.  North Dakota is often one of those overlooked places, but is ranked very high as a fantastic vacation spot (we're affordable too!) 

Our Backyard

Winter Sunrise

Medora Full Moon

Lastly--please excuse the poor quality of these photos.  They are all from my phone.  What would we do without those?!? 


  1. Hi, I got here from eighteen25, and I just had to comment. I traveled out to Minot, N.D. this summer with my dad to visit his aunt. I loved it beautiful! And my family has Norwegian roots, so we felt right at home there, haha! But really, I was amazed by how it stayed light so late compared to what we have. Guess this is the downside to that! ;-) We also were in Medora and stayed at the Rough Riders Hotel.

  2. Yes, our summer nights are fantastic! I'm so glad you've experienced it!


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