Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Are you SERIOUS?!?

Let me start off by saying, the tshirt pom-poms did not work out as planned.  You aren't even allowed to see the attempt.  

After that we'll go right into the "Are you serious?!?" look.  That's right folks, it's officially spread across North Dakota.  It's freakin' cold and we're about sick of it!  We're not asking for 70 degree weather (we'd live in Phoenix if we wanted that!) but we are asking for it to be in the 20's.   Or even the 10's....but I swear to you if I have to get in my car another day and read -5 or -3 (without windchill mind you) I might freak out.  And give you the look.  

Since I'm not that into posting pictures of myself, here are some of our beauties giving you "the look."  They're sick of this weather too. 

My personal favorite---you can't beat that look :)


1 comment:

  1. I hit my I HATE THIS WEATHER and I AM SICK AND TIRED OF IT, yesterday.....I feel like I have a big meanie in me just waiting to escape...........tread lightly. Mom


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