Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Spring Break

I got last Thursday and Friday off for Spring Break (aka state basketball tournament break....)
Does anyone else have those spring breaks, or is it just ND?
 I had a great time; however, I wasn't the best about taking pictures, so here ya have it...
First I spent some time in Binford with my parents and grandparents.
How did the chicken cross the road?!  It asked the turkeys!!
Then I picked up my niece from daycare.  It was beautiful out, so
after a snack we headed out to play! 

I know, I know..BLURRY...however I just had to try and quick catch the
I'm 2 years old and can stomp off when I'm mad picture. 

Here comes the, "Hey, I'll try and get my way and plop on the
Look who surprised me early!  I tried to get a
picture of the actual champagne, but you just
get his face, which I think is equally
worth it :)

Last, but not least, we got to have some pool
time with the family.  My sister is going to hate
me for putting up this picture, but seriously,
how can you not love this perfect 2 year
old look?!  Can anyone say senior video?!?


  1. That is TO funny... when you post pictures do you have to pull them to the bottom of your text EVERY time?

  2. I upload them all at once, but then don't select and add them. Write your text, then push the photo button again (they'll still be in there) click only the one you want to add. Type more, click the photo button again, click the photo you want, etc.


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