Friday, January 13, 2012

52 on Fridays: Landscape

Welcome back to 52 on Fridays. First, I didn't explain the blog circle the best last week.  Under my picture each week you'll find a link to another photographer's website.  At the next website you'll find another link, and on, and on, until you eventually make it back to mine!  (Last week there were about 18 blogs or so...)

Moving on...I had so many ideas for this theme...that flopped. 

First, I wanted to show the landscape of the man camps that have been sprouting up out west.  I was unable to drive there last weekend, so that idea was out.  In case any of you have heard anything about the surge of jobs in ND....check out this link!  

Then I thought about the Mandan area:  Missouri river foothills, Fort Lincoln, the old bridge...wait.  I leave for work at 7:30 am (it's dark) and get done at 5:30 pm (it's dark).  Shoot.

Next idea:  The stars!  Perfect, since I'm only outside when it's dark! Right?!?  Wrong. Monday (cloudy), Tuesday (cloudy), Wednesday (snowing and WINDY), and Thursday (girls' night after school so the blog had to be done...I've got priorities! :) )   Hmmm....

Guess I'll have to cheat.  I took this in Wisconsin. I have always wanted to see a Wisconsin autumn, but during the summer when I lived there the leaves were obviously green and when I went back over fall break all the leaves were already off. I made Patrick take me for a hike every day until I found these leaves!

Next, check out the AMAZING  Jenn Duguay from Valleyview, Alberta @  Unless you don't have time, because you'll want to spend all day there!  



  1. Ah the weather can be a tricky thing to work around. :) This is a pretty picture though, love the colours.

  2. Yep, this week's was very weather dependent! Love your photo!

  3. oh goodness- this is gorgeous. Love the leaves. The bokeh is beautiful. Great shot!

  4. Gorgeous hints of fall colours! And, I LOVE the bokeh!

  5. Gorgeous light and color, not to mention the bokeh!

  6. Love the bokeh in photo. Love the processing as well as that touch of great color in those leaves. beautiful

  7. Gorgeous! Love that dreamy bokeh and those autumn leaves!

  8. Very pretty, great composition and focus!


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